Media Consulting

Traditionally we use our competence here at Holzer Druck und Medien when we are advising our customers. Basic requirements for all our customer consultants are next to a technical apprenticeship a professional training as a technician, a masters degree or a certificate of an equal further education.

We know our customers and their needs. We adjusted ourself to no longer beeing a provider for only printing services. Infact we worked on customer solutions, which help our partners with Translation Management (one2edit), data management (CMS-System), ePaper and programming of shop systems.

Individual Solutions

All this demands way more of our customer conultants then the specific knowledge of print. Our guidance requires to know the particular markets, to analyse the operation methods and needs of our customers to then find individual solutions that will support them.

Satisfied Customers

Now it is up to you as our valued customer, to test the expertise of our consultant as well as quality of our products, if you are planning to make changes to your processes. Our list of references of satisfied customers grew a lot in the meantime and should speak for itself as an orientation.

Our Clients