Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Ltd.

We use One2edit to create our catalogues and brochures in up to 15 languages.
Previously, the translation process was handled via Word, resulting in significant sources of error and numerous correction loops when copying the texts into the graphics program (InDesign); not to mention high agency costs for the rate.
After initial skepticism about the changeover, the translators are enthusiastic without exception: user-friendly even without great training or knowledge in the DTP area, a direct preview of the translated text in the layout and many other helpful functions facilitate and speed up the translation process.
For us as customers, the advantages are even more versatile: comprehensible processes, more efficient, transparent working and fewer sources of error. The main advantage, however, is the lower resources for processing, a 40% cost saving compared to the previous process and, above all, a 30% reduction in the processing period. Working on multiple projects at the same time is no longer a major challenge.
Especially when texts from existing projects are taken over, the translation memory saves unnecessary double translations and thus saves the translator and the editor a lot of time and money, provided the content and data are maintained/processed accordingly.
We were also impressed by the performance of the support: to be easily achieved at all times and always helpful especially in terms of process processes and data preparation.

Stefanie Lerm, Graphics/Design, Marketing & Communication


Our homogeneous network of subsidiaries, subsidiaries and long-term partners maintains one of the strongest transport networks in the world. As standardized as possible. As individual as necessary. Customized, highly efficient and integrated in a unique way. This is intelligent logistics from DACHSER.
We offer our customers logistics solutions at the highest level thanks to our high quality and safety standards. We also require this claim in the field of our print media.
That is why we trust our long-standing partner, Holzer Druck and Medien. We use one2edit as part of our annual brochure production because it is an efficient way for us to manage, edit and translate Adobe InDesign documents online. We offer our brochures in more than 20 languages worldwide and thus reach more than 150 different publications.
In coordination with our international communication managers, one2edit supports both the translation and the content revision. Translation Memory prevents unnecessary multiple translations and saves time and costs.

Birgit Kastner-Simon, Corporate Director Marketing

Blaser Group Ltd.
As a manufacturer of hunting weapons, we always depend on up-to-date and correct print media, especially for the instructions for use. One2edit reduces the effort of these partly multilingual print media to keep up-to-date to a minimum. Corrections are entered once in one language and automatically displayed in the other language versions. The corrected translations are inserted automatically and at the push of a button we receive the finished medium. In addition, the detailed reporting can be used to transparently follow up all work steps.

Lena Glasl , Marketing – Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH