Cost & Inquiry

How much does my print job cost?

The cost of a print job depends on many factors. …[stop]

It depends, for example.B on the edition, the paper, the format, the finishing or the further processing. Send us your basic data via our quotation request on the “Service” page and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

How can I create a case and when can I expect a response/offer?

You can send your enquiry directly and easily to us via our quotation request. …[stop]

We will process these as soon as possible and you will receive a feedback within one day.

Who is my contact person?

Always someone else on the phone? Always explain everything from new to new ones? Not with us! …[stop]

A contact person for all tasks related to printing means: less time, as well as trust and security by a personal caretaker. You can find your contact person in the offer.


How quickly can I get my print job?

As a rule, we need about 5 working days per order. … [stop]

For larger orders it can be 2-3 weeks. We are happy to advise you here and try to prepare your order even after consultation to a shorter production time.


Offset or digital printing? What do I use when?

Both printing methods have their advantages….[stop]

In offset printing, a higher quality is usually delivered, through fine edges, sharp images and the possibility to print spot colors. In offset printing, often higher runs can also ensure a low unit price. Digital printing has significantly increased in quality in recent years and is getting close to the offset printing process. Since only short set-up times are required here, production can be made quickly and inexpensively.


How does climate-neutral printing work?

With our partner ClimatePartner and your cloud-based solution, the Footprint Manager,…[stop]

at the customer’s request, we can quickly calculate the CO2 emissions of our print jobs. We compensate for the emissions by supporting a climate protection project. This process is TÜV Austria certified and guarantees transparent traceability.


Which paper can be used and what certification does it have?

Choosing the paper is not always easy,…[stop]

with so many different papers with different surfaces and certifications. Here it is the processing, the data and also the finishings that are important. We will be happy to advise you on this question and find the right paper for you.


What is a paint job and what are the types?

Paints not only protect the printed product.B from abrasion, but also refine it…[stop]

There is the partial paintwork or the whole surface. Almost all print products can be painted without any problems.

What is the maximum amount of printing?

This is where the printing process is important:…[stop]

In offset printing, the maximum size is 106 x 75 cm (paper size). In digital printing, up to a size of 48.7 x 33 cm, or banners up to 76.2 x 33 cm can be printed.


What is a paint job and what are the types?

Paints not only protect the printed product.B from abrasion, but also refine it…[stop]

There is the partial paintwork or the whole surface. Almost all print products can be painted without any problems.


What file format should my file have for printing?

Please send us your print data as pdf/X4 PDF/X4 pdf document to…[stop]

and embed all fonts completely. The naming of the files should be clearly comprehensible to us.


Can the print data contain RGB or spot colors?

Please create your print data in CMYK and/or spot color. Images and other objects must also be converted to CMYK….[stop]

This avoids unwanted subsequent color changes. Spot colours can only be printed in offset printing, and in digital printing they are reproduced as much as possible. We recommend not to exceed a color application of 300%.

What are the rules for the addition of pruning?

Crop addition is important for items that reach the edge in a document,…[stop]

these can be e.B. images or surfaces. In order to avoid “flashes” during later cutting, a pruning of 3 mm is applied to the document all around.


Data Transfer & Data Protection

How can I submit my print data?

“Many roads lead to Rome”. We leave you with various options to send us your data…[stop]

By e-mail, via our upload service on the page “Data delivery” or by means of a data carrier. Talk to your clerk here and choose the best option for you.


What happens to my data and are it safe?

We always treat all customer data according to the current requirements of the DGSVO…[stop]

(General Data Protection Regulation). This means that your data is safe with us!

Payment Method & Complaint

How do I pay my costs?

After creating your order, we will send you an invoice to…[stop]

We ask you to transfer them.


What if my goods are delivered damaged?

It always depends on when and where the error originated…[stop]

In the event of transport damage, you will receive compensation from us immediately. Here we ask you to record the damage digitally and send it to your contact person. Regarding complaints about colouring or in the text, you should contact your contact person in our company directly. Here we can only partially consent, or if the file came from your house in this way, we cannot respond to a complaint. In order to avoid spelling and spelling errors, we offer a correction service in-house.