Data delivery

Use our upload service to provide us with your data:
Fill in the form, upload the file and let us know the required information, “Send” — done!
Please provide us with the data according to process standard OFFSETDRUCK (PSO) ISO-12647-2:2013.

Most of the papers used on the market are currently white or high-white papers:

  • For matt or glossy painted white or high white picture printing papers (with high, moderate, optical brighteners) we use the CMYK colour space with the color profile PSO_Coated_v3 (FOGRA51) in offset printing.
  • For white or high white, uncoated paper (natural paper with many strong optical brighteners) we use the color profile PSO_Uncoated_v3 (FOGRA52).
  • For yellowish coated paper (without optical brightener) we use the color profile ISO_Coated_v2 (FOGRA39).

Data delivery

Please note: [stop]

Supplied proofs according to old standards are not suitable for printing on high white papers with optical brighteners!
If you have any further questions on this topic, please contact your contact person in our house.
The PSO describes the standardised procedure for the production of printed products. It clearly sets out what the data quality should look like. In 2015, the standards were adapted to the usual paper whites. New ICC profiles are available for the high-white papers with optical brighteners. The ICC profiles are used for separation from the RGB to the CMYK color space.
PDFx/ready –


Breakdown-free media production: [stop]

PDFx/ready is used as a reference for the creation of print products. There you will find free instructions for the settings of DTP programs. For the export of PDF-X-4 you get corresponding export styles there.

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Data delivery policy (short version): [stop]

Our offer is based on the delivery of ready-made offset PDF data in PDF/X-4 format.

If your data contains cut elements, please create a bleed of 3 mm. For adhesive binding, the sides around them must have 3 mm trimming.

Please create content as individual pages, envelope with back thickness as mounting surfaces.

Open layout data may incur additional overhead and may incur additional costs.

Please inform us in good time if the number of pages, the page size or the colour of your delivered print templates do not correspond to the information in the offer.

Please provide us with the data according to process standard OFFSETDRUCK.


Attention!!! For the yellowish papers used in the past (these have now almost completely disappeared from the market), the data for the CMYK colour space ISO_Coated_v2 (FOGRA39) were created. Please stop using this profile if you are using white or white papers!


Steffen Becker
Line Prepress & Digital Printing