Carl Zeiss


We use on2edit for the creation of our catalogs and borchures in up to 15 languages. Before that, our translation process was handled by using word, which gives you a high source of errors and many correction ways because of copy and paste into the InDesign program; not even talking about the high agency cost for the settings. After inital skepticism - because of the change - all translators are thrilled now: userfriendly even without a major training or knowledge of DTP, a real preview of the translated text in layout and many other useful functions which make the translation process easier and faster. For us as the customer, the advantages are even more versatile: comprehensible progress, more efficient and transparent and less scources of error. The main advantages are the lesser need of ressources for the process, 40% cost savings compare to the previous process and a 30% reduction of processing time. The completion of more projects at once is not a big deal anymore. Especially when you can use a text out of a previous project, the memory effect of the translation saves you unneccessary double-translations and therefore a lot of time and money to the translator and editor; assuming the content and files are updated and edited.
The supporting system was convincing as well: always reachable and helpful especially when it concerns the process and preparation of data.

Stefanie Lerm, Graphik/Design, Marketing & Kommunikation
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics GmbH - ZEISS Gruppe