Blaser Jagdwaffen


As a manufacturer of hunting weapons, we always depend on current and correct print material especially with our manuals for our weapons. Because of one2edit, the effort to keep these multi lingual printing products current, is down to a minimum. Corrections are done in one language and are shown automatically in the other language version. The corrected translations are inserted automatically and with the push of a button we receive the finished product. Because of the detailled reporting of each step, the project is kept transparent.

Lena Glasl , Marketing-Assistenz - Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH


It was a big hassle for us to provide our customers, dealers and importers worldwide with our marketing material. The centralised ordering platform form Holzer Druck und Medien gives us the opportunity to order our marketing material directly and it will be shipped out promptly to our customers, dealers and importers.

Because of the flexible rights of the sortware, we are able to provide the same products in variable quantities depending on the buyer. The transparent access to the marketing material, which is on stock, enables us to a quicke response to re-order.

Our CI-demands, according to our website, were converted perfectly as well.

Internally that means the following for us:

• Big savings of stock capacity
• Reduction of the dailiy work load for our employees
• The direct ordering of our customers reduces the internal administration effort tremendously

Lena Glasl, Marketing-Assistenz - Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH