LED-UV Rapida 106

LED-UV Technology

Old wine in new hoses, not at all!
The new LED-UV Technology enables you to use all the advantages of conventional UV-print without the emerge of the negative by-products, like emission of ozon and NOx (Stickoxide). In addition to that, you can speak about a modern and sustainable technology because of the reduction of energy. Offset-paper with brilliant image replication, the same on dark solid-coloured image papers, the print of non-absorbent survaces up to lamination with non-creasable strenght. Designer heart what do you want more?


  • Almost indefinite material diversity especially with non-absorbent material, print on laminat is possible as well
  • Use of opaque white for laminates, metallic or solid-coloured materials
  • Inline varnish with full surface UV-varnisch or spot varnish
  • Print of metallic colours on dry printing sheets in one print run, therefore a better metallic effect,
    because the colours don't subside into the material
  • Variety of DripOff-Effects with different graining on matt surfaces
  • Higher colour brilliance on uncoated papers vompare to offsetprint with normal colours
  • No unpleasant smell with uncoated papern
  • No powder necessary, therefore smooth surface of the finished printing material
  • Shorter drying period
  • Reduction by 60 % of CO2 –emission compare to production with dispersion varnish

How does LED-UV work?

The new LED-UV Technology presents an environmentally friendly offset-printing-solution. Many UV-print disadvantages don't accur anymore with the LED-UV drying system. Through the use of LED technology there are no more waiting periods when you turn on- and off the lamps. The high ozon emission is removed completely, therefore sucction compressors or airing hoses are not necessary anymore. Apossible energy savings compare to UV-dryers by up to 80 %. Furthermore the heat in the machine and an the printing material is reduced as well. Therefore the possibility of deformation of the substrates is minimised. The printing colour contains photo initiators wich react to the LED light which immediately lead to hardening of the colour. This reaction happens in a fraction of a second and enables overprinting and varnishing at once.

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