ePaperPro is an interactive document with a scrollable function and it enables you to present your printing material quickly on the internet. We create an interactive brochure out of a static pdf. Even the basic version contains many functions like full text search, overview function and the optimisation for mobil devices.

We create a multi-functional highlight of your communications with optional add-ons, which can be used on all devices (even tablets and smartphones).

Imagine your brochure …

… is scrollable online.
… is interactively linked.
… can show videos.
… shows a digital picture gallery.
… is linked to social networks.
… is available on- and offline.
… is compatible with all devices.

Multimedia-based features

We integrate videos, picture galleries, links or point to external webpages for you.

Responsive Design

Your ePaper is developed for all mobile devices and adjusts automatically to fit every screen size.

Global availability

Reach customers worldwide and spread your publications independently of system software or hardware and without software requirements. Make your brochure available everytime and everywhere! Your publication can be shared directly from your mobile device through facebook, twitter or email.

Our Clients