Overview of Services

Online Media

Modular structure and sustainable support expresses the basic demand that HOLZER DRUCK UND MEDIEN expects from its workflow solutions.
Individualised adjustments as well as the possibility to integrate all our software solutions, according to the clienst wish, through interfaces in already existing networks and systems, creates efficency. According to the needs of the client, we can add on or avoid weaknesses of complex systems.

Translation-Management, Web-to-Print, Webdesign and eMagazine & Apps is our base at the moment.

Three developers program, implement and are there for your support. These resources in house and the fact all our software solutions can be used based on ASP, put you in the position, to dispose of the advantages of individual workflow solutions without investing in expensive programs, without annoying updates and without using your own staff.

HOLZER ONLINE MEDIA combines economic consultation with implementation of a solution-oriented software.
Together with our clients we work on finding solutions and on implementing them.
We face complex assignments with expertise and experience.
Developing customised projections and implementations is our mission.

Scale for our effort is the result our clients achieve through our work. We are aware of the financial obligations
and we know how we can contribute to the success of the company. Reaching the targeted goals is
recognised and rewarded accordingly.
Based on a Partnership.
We work together in a partnership with our clients. That is how creative and sustainable solutions develop
in a team and it creates room for change. Our co-operations based on a partnership reflects in long-term,
trusting realtionships with our clients.
Our clients rely on us. Reliability means to us, keeping agreements consequently. Adherence to schedules,
as well as quality of the results is therefore a central demand of our work.

Our Clients