A commitment to tradition without the ifs and buts.
A more then 125 year old story - that is quite something.

Human experience, solidarity and consistent success. Tradition represents especially one thing: Security and consistency.
Today and in the future. What started 127 years ago with the „Anzeigeblatt für das westliche Allgäu“, has evolved into a high-performance company with 100 employees.

With the most modern equipment and a name well-known far outside the Allgäu region for quality and service. Soon 130 years - and always the newest!
Four generations of print - a prowed review back to 1887, when school teacher Gebhard Holzer decided to launch his own newspaper. He was publisher, editor and printer in one person.

His son Fridolin Holzer purchased his first lead typesetting machine in 1913. You can admire the machine in our museum. He was major for 25 years. His son Dr. Wolfgang Holzer was leading the company through the hard times of war and developed it further.

Dr. Elmar Holzer expanded the company, together with 100 employees, to a modern middle-class corporation and created a name as a high qualified facsimile printing company. Medieval handwritings are created true to the original as a facsimile - the originals are closed up and not open to public view. Heinrich II and Otto the great from the famous school in Reichenau are counting as a sample. A highlight was an exhibition at the"Germanischen Nationalmuseum in Nürnberg": originals and Holzer facsimile were standing next to each other.

In May 2013 Dr. Elmar Holzer handed over the management of the printing company to his nephew Harald Wolfbauer and he still takes care of the local newspaper and finances ot the entire company.

"Times in the printing industry did not get easier in 2014. The succession plan was adopted. Wer are looking forward to the future and will take care of our dueties with determination, that is the slogan for Holzer Druck und Medien and all employees."

Dates and Facts

Dr. Elmar Holzer is handing over management of the printing company to Klaus Huber.

Expansions of the building of two to three times of the original size were made. Most modern offset printing machines like the six-colour and eight-colour where put in operation. The client base is growing constantly, with clients like Caterpillar and Padi - last named is the worldwide larges diving company.

Dr. Elmar Holzer is taking over management of the company with now 100 employees after the death of his father. Handling of about 1,500 tons of paper per year. We are able to print on 500,000 sheets of paper in a 3-shift-operation.

Change from lead- to photosetting

After the death of Fridolin Holzer Dr. Wolfgang Holzer is taking over the publishing house and expands not only the newspaper but the printing area as well

Fridolin Holzer takes over management from his father and is expanding the newspaper publishing

Taking over of a small printing company which is printing the "Amts- und Anzeigeblatt des Westallgäus" through Gebhard Holzer