We bring colour in motion

Next to communication of all services of technical, creative and organisational nature, sales works well, when the client feels a bit entertained too.

Paying tribute to one single persons webcam-playing-around, it changed into a team effort. Never meant to be taken too seriously, in 2011 we started to insert our messages into movable pictures. Positive feedback motivated us in 2012 to produce another clip. The creative highpoint was reached in 2013 with our Easter Video. The one-minute playtime was followed by a 2 hour cleaning time per person and put their load-bearing capacitiy to the test. That kind of exposed frontwork is not that usual for a hard-bitten sales person and the experience on set pulled the team together, strengthened the motivation and brought everybody together to move forward. The team is taking a creative break at the moment.

Christmas Movie 2014

Easter Video 2013

Easter Video 2012

Easter Video 2011