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Possibilities of an apprenticeship with Holzer Druck und Medien

Start you professional career with a three-year apprenticeship at Holzer Druck und Medien.
Learn everything you need to know for a technical and commercial profession in the print industry. Expect interessting occupations, a nice team and an interessting working environment. You are surrounded by a helpful and supportive team right from day one. You will receive a thorough training in the areas of your apprenticeship.

As a digital media designer you plan the work flow, prepare files and combine media elements and have access to different advices.

  • General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Kreativity
  • Independent working
Duties and Occupations
  • Planing of production process
  • Analysing the order and finding a useful way for the production
  • Determination of leadtime for production steps, verifying and planing of technical capacities
  • Arranging of documents and data according to the order
  • Data checking for usability and completeness
  • Creation of media products
  • Editing customer guidelines and preparing ideas for presentation
  • Editing of text, pictures, art design and insertion into the layout
  • Selecting the appropriate software tool for production
  • Verifying operating results for design and technical feasi

Your three year apprenticeship takes place here at Holzer Druck und Medien and in trade school in Kempten. Class will be two days per week in year 1 and one day per week in year 2 and 3.

A media tecnologist print produces newspapers, magazines, books, stickers, packaging material and posters by using different printing machines and methods. They analyse printing orders for their technical feasibility and ceck it the data is usable and complete. They plan the work flow, check the printing plates - which they create parcially as well - or edit files for digital printing.

  • General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Attention
  • Good coordination
  • Technical Know-How
  • Concentration and accuracy
  • Customer service
  • Flexibility (Willingness to work in shifts)
Duties and Occupations
  • Preparation of printing products in different printing machines and methods
  • Preparation of machines for processing, such as adjusting the colour
  • Production of printing products
  • Using of printing plates
  • Using of production machies
  • Consideration of the interaction of different material, printing colours, printing material and printing process
  • Finishing of printing products
  • Varnishing of printing products
  • If neccessary finishing of printing products, packaging and handing it over to the customer
  • Checking of functions on printing machines, if neccessary changing parts or making small repairs

Your three year apprenticeship takes place at Holzer Druck und Medien and in trade school in Kempten. Class takes place on two days per week the first year and on 1 day per week in year 2 + 3.

A media technologist print finishing finalises printing products within integrated processes. They control the printed sheets and coose the appropriate finishing technology and process by economic, technical and environmental aspects.Tehy set up and adjust the finishing equipment and the process-contol-systems and make sure that the needed material is available.

  • High School Degree or General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Autonomous working
  • Manual work
  • Handy skilled
  • Accuracy
  • Quick and concentraded working
  • Flexibility (Willingness to work in shifts)
Duties and Occupations
  • Verifiying order documents, products and material in accordance with the requirements
  • Planing of orders, evaluation of terms of production, machine scheduling and flow of material
  • Preparation and configuration of processing equipment
  • Transfer of data and setting up machinery product- and production oriented
  • Ordering, preparation and handling of material for the product
  • Production of samples anf if needed adjustment of machines
  • Positioning of process-control-systems, after approval documentation of data and start of production

Your apprenticeship takes three years and class takes place in blocks in trade school in München.

As a specialist for warehouse logistics you are in charge of proper storage of all sorts of material and products with the help of the appropriate technical equipment. You are working on the interfaces of production, transportation and our customers. Order processing, data administration of products and a stock order are the main aspects of your daily work.

  • High School Degree
  • A high amount of enthusiasm for the process of logistics and an interest in planing and organisation of processes
  • Autonomous way of working as well as ability to work in a team
  • Working responsible & logical thinking
  • Spatial orentation
  • Accuaracy, caution
Duties and Occupations
  • Loading, unloading
  • Generation of a loading plan
  • Control of inventory
  • Use of machinery
  • Consignment
  • Stock management
  • Logistic
  • Knowledge of load security on road vehicle (VDI 2700)
  • Packaging
  • Receiving + control of products
  • Determination and evaluation of operating figures
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Organisation and administration of warehouse
  • Routeplaning
  • Transportation and warehouse technique
  • Storage of products
  • Control of products on stock
  • Shipping
  • Purchase and dispatch
  • Processing of complaints
  • Quality control and generation measures to ensure quality

You can choose between a 2 and a 3 year apprenticeship. Either way your training will take place here and in trade school Kaufbeuren. Class will be one or two days a week.

As an industrial clerk here at Holzer Druck und Medien you deal with commercial and economical tasks like administation of material, sales and marketing, human resources as well as bookkeeping and accounting.

  • Certificate of Secondary Education
  • You should be organized, reliable, show interest and take responsibility.
Duties and Occupations
  • Advising and supporting of customers
  • Verifying and executing of inquiries>
  • Offer/order processing
  • Shipping of products
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
Duration of Apprenticeship:

Your three-year apprenticeship takes place at Holzer Druck und Medien and at trade school in Lindau. The first and second year class will be 1,5 days per week and in year three only one day per week.