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To find a strong partner, besides the area print also internal and external
Communications as well as warehouse logistics and individualized software and workflow solutions.
Solutions is not a matter of course.

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Christmasmove and advent calendar 2015

The Holzer sales team was making a movie for you again.

A movie about baking gingerbread for a good cause and instructions for assembly of our advent-calendar-tree were the results.
We wish all our clients and employees a lot of fun with it, a refelctive advent season, a peaceful christmas time and health, satisfaction and success for the new year.


Once again the print and media association has issued us the PSO-Certificate.

Once again the print and media association has issued us the PSO-Certificate.
Therefore we can still confirm the guaranteed quality with ProzessStandard Offsetprint according to ISO 12647.

Holzer invested in a digital printing machine

Technology that inspires - VERSANT 2100 by Xerox

We are now able to produce with excellent and impressive quality with our new digital printing machine.

We proudly present a little summary of the advantages of our new printing machine:

  • radiant colours and smooth transitions between the colours
  • detail oriented shadows create a lifelike contrast
  • automatic and precise production of special colours with a smooth impression
  • u.v.m...

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LED-UV technology

Holzer and print media has invested in a LED UV offset press from KBA.

The Rapida 106 is equipped with six colors and paint work and processes substrates up to a sheet size of 74 x 106 cm and a thickness of max. 1.2 mm. It can be operated with normal inks and with LED UV inks and coating unit with dispersion varnish and UV coating and therefore offers new possibilities for inline finishing, shorter production times for processed print jobs and an almost unlimited flexibility in material selection.
During two separate steps were previously necessary for finishing with UV varnish, they are united by the new LED-UV printing machine in one pass. From the conventional offset printing and the subsequent partial or full-area UV varnishing ie, a single sequence. Also, the powders applicable for the print production with the new machine.

Customer benefits of the new machine at a glance:

  • Almost unlimited variety of materials, especially for non-absorbent materials
  • Pressure on films possible
  • Using opaque white for films, metallic or colored materials
  • Inline coating with UV paint all over or as a spot coating
  • Printing metallic inks on dry sheet in one pass and thus better metallic effect, because the color does not sink into the substrate
  • DripOff different effects with different grain sizes of matt surfaces
  • Higher color brilliance on uncoated paper than in offset printing with normal color
  • No unpleasant odor during uncoated stocks
  • No powder necessary, therefore, very smooth surface of the finished printed matter
  • shorter drying time
  • The CO2 emission is reduced in contrast to the production with dispersion varnish by up to 60%

For more information click here
or on our blog www.led-uv.info

Christmas Movie 2014

A movie about a „Special Christmas Card“.

Very creative and produced with the newest technology.

We wish our clients and employees a merry, peaceful and blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.

PrintStars 2014

The Innovation Award of the German Printing Industry.

Bronze in the category "Displays"

ONLINE MEDIA further developed

Content-Management, Change-Management and Webdesign expand our portfolio.We program, implement and are there for you by your side.

Modular structure and sustainable support expresses the basic demand that HOLZER DRUCK UND MEDIEN expects from its workflow solutions.
Individualised adjustments as well as the possibility to integrate all our software solutions, according to the clienst wish, through interfaces in already existing networks and systems, creates efficency. According to the needs of the client, we can add on or avoid weaknesses of complex systems.
We stay in motion:
Translation-Management, Web-to-Print, Content-Management, Database-Publishing and Webdesign is our base at the moment.
Three developers program, implement and are there for your support. These resources in house and the fact all our software solutions can be used based on ASP, put you in the position, to dispose of the advantages of individual workflow solutions without investing in expensive programs, without annoying updates and without using your own staff.

New Web Presence

Responsive design and CMS-integration.
Conception, design & implementation by Holzer Druck und Medien.

What is Responsive Webdesign
Responsive webdesign provides a new technique which enables - with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 - the consistent display of a content. The layout of the webiste is created flexible so that it is equally userfriendly with the computer desktop, tablet and smarthphone and the content can be gripped completely and quickly by the visitor.

Meaning of "Responsive Webdesign"
"Form follows function" - with the responsive webdesign function , design and content follow the particular screen resolution of the used desktop. The definition responsive webdesign figuratively means "reacting webdesign". Content- and navigation elements as well as structural set-up of a website, adapt to the particular screen resolution of the mobile device. Responsive webdesign follows the user and not like it is now, the user follows the stiff constructed layouts of conventional websites and online-shops.

Advantages of "Mobile Website Optimisation"
The advantages of responsive webdesign are shown in statistics and user trends of mobile devices. The growing market share of smarthphones and tablets like iPhone and iPad force us to rethink the creation of websites as well. Until now the screen resolution was optimised on the computer desktop of max. 1,000 px width; nowadays many different devices have to be taken in consideration.
Standard-resolutions for smarthphones and tabletes:
Smartphones: 320 px up to 480 px,
Tablets: 768 px up to 1024 px,
Computer-Desktop: 1024 px+

With strict separation of mobile- and desktop versions of the website as well as a non-responsive website, there is a higher maintenance effort of editorial content and image material. In addition to that future tablet and smarthphone formats may need a third or fourth version of the layout.

Apprentice Project

Insights into the production

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