PSO Certification

The PSO process standard Offset Printing defines color management across all process stages. For media-neutral ECI/RGB data, conversion into the print color space, plate exposure and press setting is defined and coordinated. The settings of screens and proof systems simulate the print result, measurement arrangement, evaluation and color tolerances are predetermined. The audit is carried out every two years by the Association Druck und Medien Bayern e.V. and Fogra, Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. The basis is DIN ISO 12647-2.

FSC Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC®)is an international organization based on NGOs. It ensures that no genetically modified wood from bare-bottomed wood is used for paper production and guarantees comprehensive workers’ rights in forestry companies. Only certified printers may use the logo in their printed products. The processing of FSC paper is controlled in a certified process.

Climate Partner

Climate Partner was founded in 2006 with headquarters in Munich, has been represented with a further location in Berlin since 2013 and has subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland as well as partners in Armenia, Greece, Japan and the USA. The TÜV Austria-certified company makes environmental protection a business model.
With an IT system solution for efficient carbon management, including CO2 accounting, Climate Partner creates the possibility to determine the exact order, the consumption of CO2, which is produced, for example, in the production of a printed product. As compensation, a project worldwide has been specifically launched to reduce CO2 greenhouse gases. A formula calculates the consumption in euros, which is added as an amount to the order and paid directly to Climate Partner. In return, the Climate Partner logo may also be used with the numbered certificate specially created for the order, as desired, with information about the climate protection project supported with it.