A company history of more than 130 years.

Human experience, solidity and continuous success.
Tradition means above all one thing: safety and consistency. Today and in the future.

What began in 1852 with the “Advertisement Sheet for the Western Allgäu” has developed into a high-performance media company with currently 100 employees. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a name that has become a term for quality and service far beyond the Allgäu. Nearly 130 years – and always the latest! Four generations of printing – a proud retrospective back to 1887, when primary school teacher Gebhard Holzer decided to produce his own newspaper. He was a publisher, editor and printer in one.

His son, Fridolin Holzer, created the first lead-feeding machine in 1913. It can be admired in the local local museum. He was mayor and honorary mayor of his birthplace Weiler im Allgäu for 25 years. His son, Dr. Wolfgang Holzer, ran the printing plant during difficult years of war and constantly expanded the company.

Dr. Elmar Holzer expanded the company together with 100 employees into a modern medium-sized company that made a name for itself as a highly qualified facsimile printing company. Medieval manuscripts are faithfully created as facsimile – the originals are deeply sealed and kept unvisible. The Pericope Book of Henry II from the famous “Reichenau School” and the Golden Gospel Book of Echternach from the time of Otto the Great are among them. A glittering highlight was their exhibition at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg: Originals and Holzer facsimiles stood close to each other.

Klaus Huber has been Managing Director of Holzer Druck und Medien since November 2015. Dr. Elmar Holzer supports him as managing partner in the field of finances and is the publisher of our home newspaper “Der Westallgäuer”.

Facts and figures

2015: Klaus Huber becomes Managing Director of Holzer Druck und Medien.

The print shop building is enlarged by two to three times. State-of-the-art offset machines such as the “six” and the “eight-colours” are put into operation. The customer base is growing steadily, including global companies such as Caterpillar and Padi – the latter the world’s largest diving company.

After the death of his father, Dr. Elmar Holzer takes over the management of a company that has grown to 100 employees. Every year, about 1500 tons of paper are processed. Up to 500,000 sheets of paper can be printed in three-shift operation.

1980: The conversion from lead to photo set takes place

1939: After the death of Fridolin Holzer, Dr. Wolfgang Holzer takes over the publishing house and builds the commercial business next to the newspaper

1902: Fridolin Holzer takes over his father’s business and expands the newspaper publishing house

Gebhard Holzer takes over a small printing house that prints the official and display sheet for the western Allgäu.